A Musical? About Pharrell? Yes Please

Fresh off the release of his sneakers, the Adidas NMD’s, producing the award winning movie “Hidden Figures," and having triplets, the Grammy all-star, Pharrell Williams now has plans to turn his life story into a musical. Williams has sold a pitch titled “Atlantis” to Fox. The story is said to be a “Romeo and Juliet” inspired story about his life in Virginia Beach.
Williams was also spotted with legendary producer Timbaland and Justin Timberlake in a photo posted by Timberlake on Instagram. Could a new Timberlake album be in the works? We haven’t heard anything from Justin in almost 4 years since his last album, “The 20/20 Experience” and it’s time to bring sexy back. We know that Timbo, Timberlake and Williams are bros but hopefully that “friends just hanging out” pic will bring a nice surprise to make us happy.
             Pharrell typically works in silence so whatever he has up his sleeve I’m sure we won’t see it coming.We'll give the Neptune star the freedom he needs, but he needs to stop frontin' and bring the heat.

-Kayla Boone
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