Abby Lee Miller gets the boot from Dance Moms

Abby Lee Miller claims to be treated like dirt by the producers on the hit Lifetime show. Interesting to see how the tables of turned since the dance instructor is known for her tough love instructing.

In the middle of her fraud case, Miller announced she wouldn’t be back after this filming of season 7 of Dance Moms. Good riddance, the show was getting pointless now that chandelier superstar Maddy has made it big in Hollywood.

In between drowning her hair in hairspray and terrorizing these young girls, Abby Lee Miller found the time to hide 775k of her money from the Lifetime show. Rumor has it she had people tote around 120k in their bags for her like an 80's drug lord. On top of that, IRS cracked the whip and Miller had to pay it back in Australian currency. Her dance routines are always on point but Abby herself is a hot ass mess.
-Nyaa Ferary
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