Get Out Breaks The Box Office in First 3 Weeks

Jordan Peele’s, “Get Out,” has been in theaters not even 20 days and has had nothing but amazing reviews. The social horror film is one to leave America thinking— it is a film that America needed, while it has messages that are thought, but never said out loud. 
            The writer-director, Jordan Peele known for his role on Key and Peele is making history with his controversial, yet brilliant film. Peele claims to shed a light on “social demons” in “Get Out,” and he says that he has more films with similar themes that he is writing. 
            This past weekend, the third weekend that the film has been in theaters, it crossed the $100 million mark, making Peele the first African-American director to cast unknown actors and to have a debut film and reach the $100 million mark, and in only three weeks! Being that the film had a $4.5 million budget, it has made a major profit for a Peele’s debut film in theaters. 
            Not only is “Get Out” breaking bank in the box office, but it is also breaking the Internet through social media. It started with memes, and most recently Twitter has started the #GetOutChallenge. Social media users have been running directly into the camera as fast as they possibly can and swiftly turning to imitate one of the scenes in “Get Out,” where Walter, the groundskeeper was getting in his late night “exercise” and was rushing towards Chris, the main character before swiftly turning away from him. 
            The challenge was even done by some celebrities. Congratulations to Jordan Peele for breaking records in Hollywood, and we can’t wait to see what other films he has coming! 
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