Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!

Happy Birthday Gaga! From your outrageous looks to your upbeat dance hits, your little monsters have grown to love you and your music. As eccentric as you are, we’ve accepted your bold fashion choices and even turned some of them into the latest trends. On your cake day, we’ll look back at your top 5 outfits, outrageous looks and jaw dropping attire. We love you Gaga and Happy Birthday!

5. At number five, we have a humble (for Gaga) yet absurd look from the Queen as she appeared for the Grammy Awards. Her quaffed and pop art yellow hair accompanied her galactic dress and silver orbital rings. Looking similar to a sparkling dream Lady Gaga, you’re out of this world!

4. Gaga, what a unique fashion sense you have! This head turning red lace look was worn to the MTV music awards by Gaga, solidifying her spot as a crazy top fashion contender. A little scarier than usual, Gaga donned a red lace crown and mask over her face. Surprisingly, her acceptance speech was not affected by the ensemble. Devil in a red dress, much?

3. Too much red meat is bad for your heart, but you’ve definitely won oursl! Worn to the MTV Video Music Awards, Gaga wore a sirloin dress, beefy heels and of course a fashionably butchered hair piece for the full effect!

2. I mean honestly, how could we even describe this look? Lady Gaga looks like a sea urchin dipped in silver paint and rolled around in glitter. The real question is how did she fit in the car?

1.         Bloody Mary! At her very first VMA awards, Gaga showed us exactly what she was made of. Blood, guts and glam! She scared the living hell out of us as she finished her first performance by dangling from the ceiling of the arena, microphone clutched in hand and blood saturating her body! Eek! What a killer performance…

-Aubree Brabham


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