Samuel L. Jackson's "Get Out" Casting Criticism

And you are? Trying to be relevant. Seems like Samuel L. Jackson is in a battle royale with Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya. Samuel L. Jackson’s said “he would have preferred to see a black American actor in the movie’s lead role.”
“Get Out” stars Mr. Kaluuya, who is black and British, as a young African-American man who visits his girlfriend’s family and quickly discovers that their antipathy toward black people extends beyond subtle jabs.
Some of us may have caught Mr. Jackson in his latest movie “Kong: Skull Island” but besides that only thing that rings a bell is his erratic behavior in movies “Django” and “Snakes on the Plane” which both came out… YEARS AGO! Mr. Jackson have a seat and let the next generation enjoy the spotlight.
“Get Out” premiered at Sundance Film Festival on January 24, 2017, and was theatrically released on February 24 by Universal Pictures. The film received acclaim from critics and has grossed over $113 million worldwide, against its $4.5 million budget. Creative director Jordan Peele did wonders with this one.
Who are we to say someone isn’t black enough based off of their birth place. There are countless successful actors who are British. Man crush Idris Alba is british and has established quite a successful acting career. So Mr. Jackson as for you give it up already and “Get cho life!”

Amarah Blythe

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