The Obamas are Back with a $60 Million Book Deal!

The POTUS and FLOTUS we all know and love, Barack and Michelle Obama are back in the news in a major way. It was just announced that the Obamas have been working up a book deal for $60 million dollars. Fresh from their fun filled vacay, Barack and Michelle are back to business and ready to make some major coins off this deal. They each will be writing separate books, hopefully President Obama will spill some of the juicy details from his personal journal about scandals that took place during his presidency and Michelle will be writing an inspirational memoir to motivate us all.

The book deal with Penguin Random House is a result of a heated auction between other top publishers. The rumored $60 million joint deal is the highest amount offered for a post presidential novel. Even higher than the most scandalous presidency of womanizer Bill Clinton that only received $10 million. The Obamas are expected to donate some of their earnings to charity including the Obama Foundation. The happy, glowing, couple recently returned from their vacation in the Virgin Islands with no intentions of saving us from this political disaster. At least there will be good reads coming our way as we wait out the next four years for Michelle to run.

-Nyaa Ferary
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