Basketball Wives LA Season Premiere Review


The new season of Basketball Wives LA has begun and these ladies did not hesitate to bring the shade on tonight’s season premiere episode. The episode started off smooth with updates on life from Shaunie O’neal, Jackie Christie, Tami Roman and new to this season but Basketball Wives veteran, Evelyn Lozada. As well as introducing a new face, Keonna Green, baby mother of basketball player, Nick Young.
Keonna turned to Shaunie for advice on her situation. She reveals how she wants the world to respect her as Nick Young’s high school sweetheart and mother of their 2 children rather than the side chick that broke Young and female rapper Iggy Azalea up according to the media.
Shaunie threw a 70’s themed party and decided to invite all the ladies knowing both Tami and Evelyn have unresolved issues and that is where the shade began. Evelyn was the last to arrive and tried to greet all the ladies with a warm welcome but Tami was not having it. Tami is upset with Evelyn due to issues from the past and Evelyn was
not backing down. Jackie even tried to call Evelyn out for donating money to her grandson because she thought it was done out of malicious intent, Evelyn confirmed she was only trying to help a child in need and the two were able to settle their differences.
The episode ended with a preview of what to expect from the ladies this season and it is messy, it looks as though a division in the sisterhood is on its way with plenty of drama and arguments in between.

Rachael Parks
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