Boss Baby Takes Over the Box Office

Move over Beauty and the Beast, Dream Works Animation film "Boss Baby" has triumphed the box office for the #1 spot. The children’s film earned $49.1 million over the weekend, regardless of its original negative reception. Alec Baldwin makes a comeback from his Saturday Night Live impression of Donald Trump, starring as the voice of the business-minded infant. However, he still can't run from the Trump drama. The Boss Baby has sparked attention for its political undertones, with critics comparing the baby’s qualities to Donald Trump.

Director Michael McCullers claims that the similarities between Trump and the titular baby are a “total coincidence." Although the concept was brought to life in 2012, there was a revival of Trump’s Apprentice catchphrase “You’re Fired!” McCullers told The Hollywood Reporter “It’s based on an immature, sometimes greedy business man, so if people want to draw their own conclusions about that—but no, it really wasn’t.”

By Pashan Adkins
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