Can Anyone Find Taylor Swift?

            Has anyone seen Tay-Tay? What about T-Swizzle? T-Swift? Anyone at all? We need the 411 on where she’s been so we can sleep better at night. Besides her very catty behavior, never ending drama with Kimye and the Kardashian Klan and her thirst for famous fellas, we miss her! Besides a few concert shots and some promotional videos, Taylor’s Instagram is lacking in the candid department! We need more insta-worthy shots of her kitties, some glam pics of her and those famous legs of hers, oh and some more star studded collaboration posts! We’re afraid to pose this question but someone needs to say it: Is this “Fearless” starlet taking a step back from the spotlight for a bit? We don’t blame you Taylor. We just hope there’s no “Bad Blood” between you and music industry going on that we don’t know about. Taylor Swift’s disappearance hopefully won’t be permanent!
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