IT Plays Through the Pain

Isaiah Thomas’ stat line was nothing different that what we’ve seen all season long; 33 points, 6 assists, and 5 rebounds. Those numbers meant a lot more yesterday after suffering the loss of his 22-year old sister one day prior. Chyna Thomas died early Saturday morning in a one car accident. Her death is taking a toll on Thomas who was seen crying, unable to finish his pre-game shoot around.

IT’s game on the court didn’t start off too hot. He missed his first free throw short of the rim, and the whole arena could tell he wasn’t playing the same. But somehow, he was able to focus and drop a team-leading 33 points in their playoff loss to the Chicago Bulls. No matter how that game turned out Thomas gave a great performance. His teammate Avery Bradley said, “He's a true competitor, and tonight he was playing for his sister, and he was playing for his family'' (

Darrel Kidd
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