Roadside Twerking Goes Wrong and Causes Major Accident


A video is circulating worldwide of how twerking in public can go terribly wrong. Footage of a woman’s seductive roadside twerking performance caused a biker and car to collide in a tragic wreck. The video filmed in Ukraine, is circulating around the web catching over 170,000 views since uploaded on Sunday. The video shows a young brunette showcasing her best moves for the camera where a biker coming from behind and catches the young girl’s attention. The girls’ twerking, bopping, and dropping it like it’s hot distracted the biker and resulted in him clashing head on with an oncoming car.
Immediately after the crash the girl and person filming ran to the collision showcasing the biker’s limp body lying on the road and the damaged vehicle from the accident. The biker survived the crash but suffered a broken leg and pelvis. This just goes to show; ladies leave the twerking for the clubs and parties and the streets clear.

Erin Napoleon
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