The Man Hunt Continues!

Today’s another sad day in Cleveland, Ohio. Ladies and gentlemen, please be safe because there’s a shooter on the loose, I repeat there’s a shooter on the loose!

The police in Cleveland were searching for a suspect after a man was fatally shot on Sunday in an act that was posted to Facebook Live and viewed thousands of times before the video was removed.

When will the madness end? Because seriously “dis is too much.” Steve Stephens claimed to have shot 15 people in Cleveland although there is only evident of one fatality. A warrant for Mr. Stephens’s arrest on a charge of aggravated murder has been issued, and the police asked residents of Indiana, Michigan, New York, northeast Ohio and Pennsylvania to be on alert. It gets even crazier; Stephens blamed his actions on his mother and an ex-girlfriend, Joy Lane, who in a statement said she was sorry “that all of this has happened.” Police are advising people to stay on the lookout. There’s a 50,000-dollar reward in the manhunt for Stephens. You never know what’s going through someone’s head especially when their actions are as erratic as this. At this point, there’s nothing left to do but be alert and blast awareness

Amarah Blythe
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