A Chateau Fit for a King, a Queen, and Twins?

If you thought a $400,000 house was expensive, think again. Recently, power couple Jay-Z, 47, and Beyonce Carter, 35, has begun the process of renting a mansion in Malibu, California for $400K a month; totaling to a whooping $48 million per year. They have decided to reside here until the end of August, giving their newborn twins enough time to ameliorate and grow, since their recent, minor complications within the hospital. The ravishing home, fit for even the Royal Family, currently sits on 6.3 acres of land and is surrounded by an abundance of floral gardens and views. The mansion is reported to contain 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and even has it’s own name: La Villa Contenta. One would expect nothing less for a home that costs nearly more than most mansions in the United States…combined.
It is no secret that the Queen of Hip-Hop and 99 Problems hit-maker have had their fair share of riches, but is it enough even for the illustrious Carter twins and entertainment’s princess, Blue Ivy? The extravagant house not only features an abundance of rooms within, it also includes a tennis court, outside pool, pool house, and a house specifically for their staff to live in. Why buy a house, or rent an apartment, if you can just live with your star-dazzled employers? Right?
It is unclear whether or not the elite pair will be purchasing this diamond in the rough, as reports say they are still looking for a home in California permanently. But the two have in fact decided to leave the concrete jungle of New York City in the past and prepare for a future that is suitable and luxurious, even for a pair of infants.

-Kayla Steward
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