BET 2k17 wrap up report:

A big year for the BET Awards on and off the camera as artists and celebs showed up dressed to kill for the award show. To say that this year's show was anything but big would be an understatement.
Let's start with an opening performance by Bruno Mars and a live band. The performance was hot and worth much more than 24k of gold. It reminded us that this young man has many more hits to bring. We can't say the same about Trey Songz though. The singer gave a lackluster performance that left the audience wondering what’s wrong with the famous, silky-voiced panty dropper. But that was the only flop of live music that night. Migos came through and brought winter to June in an ice cold performance of a few hit songs from their Culture album. Wearing bubble coats and more ice than an igloo, the performance was Bad and Bougie and definitely a crowd favorite. But this wasn’t all the rap group did last night. It appeared to be fight night for the crew. They got into a heated confrontation with the crew of Complex News show, Everyday Struggle, after host, Joe Budden, rudely ended the interview. The group and their entourage quickly rose from their seats, prepared to brawl, but security was able to break it up before anything began. Later on that night at an awards after party, the group got into another altercation, but with Chris Brown. Though it wasn’t physical, we can definitely see that ATL’s finest doesn't play around.

Interview with Migos and everyday struggle:

On the same note, let's talk about how Remy Ma dissed Nicki Minaj after breaking Nicki’s record and accepting the award for best female artist. She referred to plastic surgery and misguided rumors when freestyling during her speech. This is coming off a diss song that Remy made in which she was taking shots at Nicki. Calling herself the true queen, she says she plans on keeping the title and award in the Bronx. But enough with drama and let's appreciate the best moments of the show. Chance the Rapper, 24, made BET history by becoming the youngest humanitarian award recipient. His speech was beautiful and can be found online in which he thanks God and promises that this is only the beginning for him. He donated over a $1 million dollars to Chicago city schools. This is remarkable when you realize that he's still an independent artist and this money is coming from him only. Juke Jams are cool but giving back like this is way cooler.

Chance the Rapper’s speech:

But the show’s close was amazing with a New Edition tribute in which BET had the cast and the group perform together in a spectacular showing. It definitely had everybody tweeting and Mr. telephone man going crazy. BET definitely displayed a more than quality night and has given us something to look forward to next year year.

~ Andrew Wilborn
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