Fantastic Four is Fantastic No More

From the beloved 1961 comics, to 2015's rendition of the original motion picture itself, Fantastic Four has been a fan favorite for decades. For those unaware of its fantastic background, the Marvel Heroes masterpiece was centered around four astronauts who developed super-human abilities due to a cosmic radiation exposer. The heroes' goal was to fight crime and put a stop to their arch-nemesis Dr. Victor Von Doom. However, Dr. Doom is the least of their worries at the moment. According to the developers at Gazillion Entertainment, the company has lost the rights to the characters within all Marvel Heroes video games, as well as the Silver Surfer. Players will no longer to be able to purchase the characters or their clothing; however, players who have already purchased the items will be able to continue playing.

Along with the Four's technological amusement for PC and Xbox lovers, it is also certain that Fantastic Four comics, trading cards, and other merchandise will be taken off the shelves due to a debacle between Marvel and Fox productions. Unless the two can come to some form of an agreement, it seems that we won't be seeing much of the Torch's blazing, crime-fighting skills, or Thing's unapproachable strength for some time. 

It is no secret that this heroic quad has not been in the spotlight for some time, but it's pretty clear no one expected them to leave. You would think after the several remakes of Spider-Man, along with every Marvel's Avenger movie to come out, that there would be something marvelous in store for these four, but it seems the comic, cinema, and game world had other plans for the tetrad. It's unfortunate that the heroes had to suffer at the hands of people much bigger than Dr. Doom, but they're undying devotion and will to protect others will always take up four heroic spots in the hearts of many devoted fans.

-Kayla Steward
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