Get Out...Sunken Place...Drake and The Curry's!

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     Parodies anyone? The Hotline Bling star Drake took a few moments to shade the Curry's last night, while hosting the first annual NBA Awards. The rapper delivered a shade-filled skit, with the intentions of alluding to Stephen being in the 'sunken place' or controlled by his wife.
     The Curry's are everyone's favorite basketball family. Ayesha and Steph are also many people's 'couple goals', considering how loving and supportive of one another the two are.
   With Drake playing as Steph,  actress Kylie Bunbury playing as Ayesha, and Lil Rel playing as Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green, the skit was nothing less than hilarious.
      Drake-as Stephen-was shown eating an off-brand bag of Blazing Hot Cheetos-in the morning, in a bathrobe, sitting in a room watching television. The room was set up to be almost exactly like the room in the basement of the home in the hit horror film Get Out.
      In the midst of watching the movie Belly and eating the chips, Stephen receives a FaceTime call from Draymond asking him to come join him and the rest of the team, at the championship party. At first, Stephen was leaning towards saying no, but Draymond and the team made sure he knew it was "lit AF". Stephen agrees to going, mentions buying a Bugatti and driving over to the party to celebrate, but then Ayesha shows up!
        Hearing the Bugatti comment, Ayesha sits down and repeats it. Stephen hurries to end the call, only to hear her say "Who are you talking to? Is that Draymond? You know the rules, no phone calls after 10a.m., unless it's...". Stephen finishes her sentence with "God or Steve Harvey, yeah I know".
        After the two chat for a moment, Ayesha calls Seth for her 'tea'. If you've seen the movie, you know that the tea stirring hypnotizes people! Seth behaves oddly as expected, and runs away. Ayesha now starts to 'stir' the tea. Steph gets questioned about partying, and that leads to Ayesha making it clear that the two had already celebrated by buying matching sweaters.
Image result for drake get out          Ayesha sends Drake into the 'sunken place' and closes his eyes for him. Draymond then calls back to figure out why Stephen hasn't arrived at the party yet. Expecting to hear from Stephen, he gets Ayesha instead. After making awkward small talk with Ayesha, the phone call ends, and Stephen is seen wearing a red onsie with Ayesha's face printed all over it. Before the skit comes to a close, Stephen is seen staring into space holding her hand, saying "I'm glad we stayed in tonight". See the parody for yourself below!

~Ashley Lambert
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