Pretty Little Liars...We Finally Know The Truth!

   Image result for pretty little liars  After seven seasons of suspense, nail biting, confusion, fear, twisted mind games, and true sisterhood, avid viewers of the show can finally exhale. The show was filled with life lessons, extreme thrills, tests of faith and trust, and most importantly, the lesson of telling the truth. The television show based off of the popular book series Pretty Little Liars written by Sara Shepard and set in fictional Rosewood, Pennsylvania, had an outstanding run. Alas, all good things must come to an end. Last night was the seventh season finale, and the last episode of the series.
     The main theme of the show, was to always find out who was the person behind the many masks and blocked caller IDs that stalked, tortured, and confused the girls. The girls; Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields, and Alison DiLaurentis fought hard to get to the bottom of everything. 
     In the beginning the person torturing, playing with, and messing with each of the girls, was always identified as "A". After a long period of trying to stay alive and win the sadistic games set up for them, the girls had thought that they defeated "A", but we all know nothing stops for long when it comes to the Rosewood girls. "A" and someone else swapped roles. So who was torturing them next? "A.D". 
    As you may know, things in the Hastings household have not always been so peachy keen. If you've been following along with the series until now, you know that Spencer found out that she is the daughter of Mary Drake. Pay attention to that last name. It turns out, that in the last episode of season seven, Mary Drake had secret twins...which means Spencer (who was adopted by the Hastings) has a secret twin...which also means that this person has the last name Drake!
      The girls' torturer was revealed as Alex Drake, or "A.D." for short. Alex resided in London for most of her life. When Wren discovered Alex, he let her know that she actually had a family.Wren and Alex dated for some time. After spilling the beans about Alex's family, Wren quickly met his fate. Alex killed Wren because he couldn't "look at her" as Spencer. After hearing all of the great things about Spencer, she wanted to in fact be Spencer. Alex had become obsessed with her newfound sister Spencer, Rosewood, and everything in between. When Alex learned of Charlotte's death-someone very dear to her, that's when things took a turn. She decided to take her anger out on Spencer and her friends (since they of course were associated with Spencer), and torture them all with one last game. It wasn't long until Alex found out that the girls weren't responsible for Charlotte's death, but it was Mona-another person previously tortured by the games.
      Alex Drake stuck around Rosewood to get to know the place, assume her twin Spencer's identity, torture the girls, and live the life she 'thought' Spencer lived. After all, she was away for so many years. Why not indulge in what your sister has had for all of this time right? But everything done in darkness most definitely comes to light! By the end of the episode, the game had ended, and Alex Drake aka "A.D"., was swept away in handcuffs. Sounds like a suspenseful, edge-of-seat ending right?
~Ashley Lambert
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