Rih Rih's Mystery Bae Revealed!

Photos of Rihanna and her new boo surfaced on social media Tuesday and of course they went viral. The two were spotted in Spain having a late night hot tub make out session and things looked steamy! It didn’t take long for the Rihanna Navy to get to the bottom of this. After 24 hours, the mystery man is revealed!

Hassan Jameel is the man giving the singer “Wild Thoughts” and apparently, for some time now. Close sources say that the two have been involved much longer than we thought. At 29 years old, Jameel is the deputy president and vice chairman of his family business, an heir to Toyota, and worth $1.5 billion. Though Rih’s new bae is different from past loves like Drake, Chris Brown, Matt Kemp, and Shia Lebouf, one thing is clear: She definitely has a type. If you’re going to be with this bombshell, you must have status, style, and your own money.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this businessman in the limelight. Back in 2016, Hassan was spotted cuddling with model, Naomi Campbell, who had a brief feud with Rihanna in March. It was unclear why at the time, but could this hunk be the reason for the beef? Let’s hope not.

Close friends say that Hassan might be the one. Perhaps he can keep Rihanna away from the rude boys and finally settle this savage down!

~ Timia Whitsey
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