Romance, Roses, and Race Cards?

The stakes are high in episode five as the remaining gentlemen compete to put a ring on this season’s bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay. From ski jumping in Norway to handball. tournaments, the contestants stop at no end to win Rachel’s heart. The unexpected happened Monday: Despite fan favorite, Peter’s steamy hot tub session, it was Will who earned the date rose. Fans consider Peter the “prince charming” of the competition. He’s respectful, chivalrous, and stays far from drama unlike two cast members who just can’t stop butting heads! Kenny and Lee are at it again, but this time, race is involved.

In an altercation, Lee Garrett called Kenny King "aggressive" which struck a nerve considering Garrett's reputation of offensive behavior toward his African American cast mates. Will Gaskins, another black contestant, attempted to play peace maker by trying to show Lee the error in his ways. He explained that "aggressive" was a poor choice of words because the country uses the same word to justify their behavior toward black men.

Lee's response? He accused Kenny of playing the race card. Unfortunately, the episode ended Before viewers could see how this confrontation unraveled, but lucky for us, the 2-part special will continue today! With any luck, Lee will be heading home soon so we can make room for the 'Bachelor in Paradise' and former contestant, Demario Jackson, who is rumored to be returning to the show for redemption. He was originally kicked off after a woman approached Rachel, claiming to be Jackson's girlfriend. 

Hopefully the tension in the air doesn't cloud contestants from the main objective: finding love. In the meantime, pop some popcorn and keep watching to see how this unorthodox love story will pan out! 

~ Timia Whitsey 
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