Wolverine for President:

Hugh Jackman is on the presidential trail and is hitting the ballots for Jason Reitman's new movie “The Frontrunner”. The X-Men star will portray politician Gary Hart, who was seen as the frontrunner for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination. But when his campaign was rocked by revelations of an extramarital affair with a woman named Donna Rice the U.S. senator from Colorado then dropped out of the race. With a screenplay was written by political journalists, former Hillary Clinton press secretary and Reitman it chronicles Hart's fast rise and even faster fall as he campaigned for the nation's highest job.

This is becoming a highly anticipated movie for a few reasons. One is that this is the same director of the award winning film Juno. Another reason is that this event in history marked the beginning of tabloids in politics. Before former president Clinton and our now oh so professional president Donald Trump, was Gary Hart. Hugh Jackman starred in this year's X-Men movie Logan, it's earning $618 million worldwide despite its R rating made it a smash hit. He’s also working on the movie The Greatest Showman, playing circus extraordinaire P.T. Barnum.

-Andrew Wilborn

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