A Decade of Minaj

A lot has been occurring on the social media platform, what with Beyonce and her twins, and the Jenner's exploitation of the late Tupac and Biggue, but what we didn't realize is that today marks the ten year anniversary of Nicki Minaj's career. Her mixtape, 'Playtime is Over', debuted on this day ten years ago! Yes, we're getting quite old. It feels like just yesterday we were witnessing the theatrical, "Lady Gaga" style looks she was serving on the red carpet and bumping it out to Super Bass. Now the Queen of Rap herself is celebrating ten years of a successful and illustrious career.

Minaj had tweeted out that she was completely unaware that it had been ten years since her mixtape transpired, and thanked all her fans for their continuous support and admiration:

"lol love you guys. Thx for telling me. I would've never known my 1st mixtape dropped 10 years ago. Omg!!!! love uuuuuu #PlaytimeIsOver," tweeted Minaj.

Many others took to twitter to show their appreciation as well: @Moonlight_Nerds said "And they said Nicki would only have 15 minutes of fame, well here we are today & the Queen of Rap is still reigning! #10YearsofNickiMinaj."

Another fan by the twitter name of @lovedatminaj tweeted, "From a girl that rapped on a staircase to a global phenomenon. The best female rapper of all time! Thank you Onika #10YearsofNickiMinaj."

The Barbie herself is showing us that ten more years is nowhere near enough for her. She recently released three new songs" Regret In Your Tears", "Changed It", and "No Frauds". "No Frauds" actually served as a diss to her more recent competition, the Brooklyn diva, Remy Ma. Looks like, based on these last few singles, we're probably going to see an album coming soon from Miss Barbie. It's going to be exciting to see what the anaconda-loving prima donna has in store for us. However, for now, we're going to give her our upmost congratulations and felicitations on ten years of class, sass, and a lot of....well, we'll just let Roman finish the rest.
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