A Potential World Without IPhone?! Oh No!

iPhone users brace yourselves, because things may get ugly! We've just got word that a new cyber attack could be underway, and it could occur via wifi!

Apple has announced that this new cyber attack has the potential to wipe out iPhones, other iOS devices, and Macs. They've issued a critical security patch to block hackers, so it's imperative that users take head and keep their devices updated. The security patch is just a mere software update, but it protects against major threats such as this one. Making sure that your wifi is protected and locked is imperative as well. The attack itself occurs remotely via wifi, and also poses a threat to Google Android users. Although this hack is a threat to other companies, it isn't as severe as the threat to Apple. As long as you keep your devices protected, no one should be able to get in the way of your groove!

~Ashley Lambert

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