Aaron Carter Arrested for DUI and Drug Possession

Oh, Aaron, what are you going to do?! The 90’s teen heartthrob was arrested Saturday in Georgia for a DUI and drug possession charge; however, the 29-year-old denies all claims. He opened up in a vulnerable interview with Entertainment Tonight about the details of the charges. 

The singer said he and his girlfriend rented a cheap car to travel in after a club appearance in Georgia. The car’s alternator was failing, so he stopped at an Auto Zone to repair the part. He said the police pulled him out the store for questioning for his suspicious driving. It was then that Carter notified the officer that he had marijuana in the car, but he says that none was in his system. The officers concluded that alcohol and drugs were the cause of his reckless driving and arrested the couple. 

After Aaron’s mugshot was released, many speculated that the singer may be battling with drug addiction. But, the former child star wants fans to know that he does not drink or do drugs despite what reports show. He says that he rarely drinks because of a health condition and he only smokes marijuana to cure anxiety and improve eating habits. He added that he is currently taking Xanax for a jaw injury. His own brother, former Backstreet Boys member, Nick Carter doesn’t even seem to believe his younger sibling. He posted a tweet that insinuated that Aaron may need some help. Aaron clapped back and called Nick out for his ingenuine tweet, saying that if he were truly concerned, he would have reached out personally.

Aaron Carter’s misdemeanor charges are currently pending.

~ Timia Whitsey
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