Chance The Rapper Saves SoundCloud

Music lovers were in dismay after rumors that SoundCloud was shutting down floated around social media Wednesday. Cofounder of the site, Alexander Ljung, reportedly announced that this may be the company’s final song, with only enough money to sustain until the end of the fourth quarter of the year. While other artists began to accept the fate of this popular streaming service, long-time SoundCloud member Chance The Rapper, unhappy about the news, did what he does best; took matters into his own hands.

The ‘Juke Jam’ artist expressed his outrage on Twitter, reminding fans of SoundCloud’s significance to the music industry. In fact, the multi Grammy Award-winning star paid homage to SoundCloud for being the platform that allowed him to receive the exposure that he has on numerous occasions. He even took to his social media asking his followers to shout out his name along with other artists who they wouldn’t have never known without SoundCloud. Chance returned to Twitter, announcing the was “working on the SoundCloud thing.” After several hours and lots of nail biting, users were met with some great news. Ljung and Chance confirmed that after a “fruitful conversation, the company “is here to stay.”

Details have not yet been released revealing how the 24-year-old philanthropist will keep SoundCloud up and running; however, as we’ve seen in the past, generosity is Chance’s middle name. Surely, we can expect him to offer financial assistance to keep SoundCloud on cloud nine.

~ Timia Whitsey
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