Chrissy Teigen's Had Enough!

     Everyone loves a good joke, right? Well it appears that Chrissy Teigen has heard this one far too many times. A picture of a John Legend 'lookalike' baby went viral back in 2014. Three years later, the pictures have returned to haunt the couple. A fan tweeted the 31-year-old model a freakishly similar looking baby, and Twitter did what they do best: joined in on the fun. See a few of the "lookalikes" below!

For days, the couple was bombarded with pictures of more John lookalike babies or “Legend-ary Babies” as Twitter calls them. Everyone except the Legends has seemed to find the images humorous. Chrissy finally has had enough, and demanded that people stop sending her the pictures. John quickly co-signed with his wife, by agreeing with a tweet from a fan. The tweet suggested that several babies look like John Legend simply because he has a baby face.

Twitter doesn’t seem to mean any harm with the pictures, but more so, they appear to be fascinated at the number of babies who favor the R&B singer more than his actual child. Nonetheless, it was funny the first time, but now John and Chrissy are seriously begging for an end to the tweets.

~Timia Whitsey
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