Grandpa's Got Game!

For one 61-year-old man, it’s never too late to achieve his goals. Calvin Roberts has a dream of joining the NBA and he won’t stop until he earns a spot. Basketball isn’t new to this Las Vegas native. He told Good Morning America that he was a fourth-round draft pick for the San Antonio Spurs in 1980; however, he never played professionally with the team. Instead, Roberts traveled over-seas and played 15 seasons for Israel, Italy, Spain, France, and several other countries. Roberts has had a moment that most NBA hopefuls dream of. During his college days at California State University, he played basketball legend, Magic Johnson and only lost by one point. Experiences like this keep him motivated, Roberts said.

Roberts is 6’8, 246 pounds, and in much better shape than the average grandpa. He has been preparing for tryouts by hitting the gym and eating healthy meals. Though he is 61-years-old, according to Roberts, age is only a number.

“I’m ready and willing to try it again at this age. I’m serious and I want to be there. It’s my second chance and I’m taking it. If they give me a chance, I’m going all the way.”

~ Timia Whitsey
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