HOV Deads Conspiracy Theories on Arrival

444, 666, it's all the same to conspiracy theorists who have crowned Beyoncé and Jay-Z the Bonnie and Clyde of the Illuminati, an alleged underground evil society.

Fans have been investigating HOV's new album, 4:44, to find any trace of secret society talk. But to Jay, their logic is just not adding up! He denied the Illuminati rumors and confirmed that 4:44 is strictly about his marriage with Queen B. Fans dug even deeper, spilling scorching tea that 444 was the building number where Solange Knowles attacked her brother-in-law for his infidelity in defense of her crazy in love sister, Beyoncé. Jay has not yet confirmed if Twitter's conspiracy is true or not, but we can't deny how coincidental it is.

Since the beginning of Jay's career, fans have felt uneasy about his persona. He calls himself "Hova" and throws up a hand sign similar to what conspirers call an "Illuminati pyramid," making fans certain that he's indeed trying to run the world.

Bey made it very clear that she and her hubby are not involved in that illuminati mess, but corny haters seem to have a mind of their own. To put the tired rumors to rest, Jay posted 4:44's track list along with the meaning of each song.

The king has spoken. It's sweet dreams to the gossip and hello to the truth behind the music.

~ Timia Whitsey

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