Insecure Season 2 is Here!

Are you #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence? If you're not sure, pick a side and quickly because season 2 of HBO's Insecure has sparked and things are already getting heated! One of television's most transparent shows is only two episodes in and fans are wrapped up in the show.

Last season ended on an... awkward note. It was splitsville for Issa and Lawrence after Issa re-ignited an old flame and cheated on her boyfriend. She immediately realized her mistake, but it might be too late for the couple since Lawrence seemed to think that he would do best by moving on with a new woman. 

Season 2 follows Issa as she picks up the pieces in her rocky relationship, struggles in her career, and attempts to find happiness in her misadventurous life. But, life isn't all bad for her. The first two episodes show that she may still have a shot at winning her man back. At least that's what we gathered from her unexpected sex slip up with Lawrence. A happy ending isn't promised, considering things are getting serious between Lawrence and his rebound chick, not to mention he's found himself an apartment, but maybe one of Issa's freestyles will win his heart and remind him why he fell in love with her in the first place! 

Creator of Insecure, Issa Rae, who plays herself in the show, has cultivated a loyal audience by revolving the show around two crucial concepts: honesty and relatability. Whether you admit it or not, we can all find a piece of ourselves in characters like Molly, Issa, Lawrence, etc. which is why the show is so dang addicting! From the YouTube series, Awkward Black Girl that inspired the show to now, this multi-faceted mega-star has never been reluctant to display the difficulty of being a black woman in society, and 
it doesn't look like Issa shows any signs of stopping now.

~ Timia Whitsey

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