Justin Bieber Did What???

"Baby, baby, oh. Baby, baby, no!" We all know Justin Bieber has been known to have certain heated outbursts towards fans and paparazzi, but we never thought he'd go to the lengths of hitting someone with his car! That's right; Justin Bieber accidentally hit a paparazzo with his truck after leaving the Beverly Hills City Church Wednesday night. Police confirmed the ordeal to E! News and had received information from an onlooker that the man who was hit was "on the ground moaning" after the strike.

According to an eyewitness, "Justin slid into his truck in the alley. He got in the driver's seat and saw all the photographers flashing. He drove out slowly, and there was a group of photographers on the driver's side and a group on the passenger's side. Once he drove out, the driver's side paparazzo started walking around the front of the car. It was like a mob scene, flashing at him."

The eyewitness added that the group of paparazzi to the right passenger side got pinned against Kourtney Kardashian's car that was parked against the sidewalk, leading to the man falling down in front of the car. The "Despacito" singer failed to realize the man had fallen and accelerated, which caused the wheel to run over the man's leg. The flashing from the cameras came to a halt and someone knelt down to help the injured man. Justin took note of this and stopped to aid the man he struck. Justin was thoroughly cooperative with the police and stayed at the side of the 57-year-old man until he was transported to L.A.'s Cedar's-Sinai Medical Center by an ambulance. Fortunately, the man suffered non-life-threatening injuries to one of his lower extremities according to police. This unfortunate ordeal must have the Biebz thinking, "is it too late now to say sorry?"

~Kayla Steward

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