Liam and Miley: The Wedding is Off!

From seeing Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus in Nicholas Sparks' "The Last Song", to Cyrus debuting her new found lifestyle of twerking and drugs on stage at the MTV VMA's in 2013, we've seen a whole seven years of ups and downs within this pair. After many years of their make-up, break-up, make-up relationship, Liam, despite proposing in 2016, has called off their wedding. According to reports, it was completely Hemsworth's idea to call everything off, without Miley's say in the matter.

The Hunger Games hot-shot had become so overwhelmed and pressured with how much the Hannah Montana prima-donna was into preparing for the wedding, as well as the wedding preparations itself, that he decided to stop the wedding. He found the entire process demanding and quite tiresome. Even though the pop-star sensation was a bit taken back and upset at first, it seems she has come to grips with his decision. She understands, though not happy, that he may need time to take this process slow and easy, especially with all of the changes that have occurred within her as well. From  half-nude, rainbow concerts and steamy, vulgar song lyrics, to flower-child-looks and 'Malibu-loving' lyrics, Miley has made some drastic adjustments quite recently. The "best of both worlds" right? However, Liam wasn't too keen on the idea that apparently Miley changed herself for him. Nonetheless, the wrecking-ball-riding diva reassured everyone that this drastic change was for her own peace at mind.

This sudden change in plans, although, shows no sign of the couple splitting any time soon. In fact, Miley plans to wait for Liam until he is completely and utterly ready to tie the knot. They've waited seven years for this much, it's pretty clear a few more days, weeks, or even months can do nothing but good to this ever-changing, yet ever-loving pair.

-Kayla Steward

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