Maia Campbell Tells LL Cool J ‘I’m good’

The cast of  In The House
After a video went viral of former actress, Maia Campbell, high and asking a stranger for crack in Stone Mountain, Georgia, her In The House co-star, LL Cool J, attempted to offer his old friend some serious help. LL took to social media and asked his fans to help find Campbell’s contact information. However, Maia has spoken and says that she’s just fine. In a video she posted, she tells her former co-star, “Look bro, I love you. I don’t need help, I just need a benefit concert for mental health.”

Campbell continued by letting her Instagram followers in on her current business ventures. She showed fans the beauty salon that she works at, mentioned her real estate investments, and even said that she has a TV show coming soon. Still, Maia can’t fool us. Despite her statement, Campbell doesn’t look well. She appeared unkempt, and when the cameraman asked how Cool J could contact her, her response was alarming. She began screaming and jumping, revealing her unstable, antsy, and highly irritable attitude.

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Former actress, Maia Campbell 
Campbell’s battle with drugs and bipolar disorder has been very public in the past. The sitcom star sought treatment back in 2012 and reportedly sobered up, but this new video shows that unfortunately, she has relapsed. Though LL contacted Campbell, the conversation was unsuccessful. He tweeted Monday evening, “You can’t help someone who doesn’t want your help.”

~ Timia Whitsey
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