New Drama Series on Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has just announced that she will be the executive producer of a show, which is yet to have a title, based off of her glamorous life. This show will be a drama series that details the struggle of the Christmas diva's life growing up and her push as a young girl seeking fame in a competitive field. The new series, according to Deadline, will be based around "the rise of an ambitious bi-racial 16-year-old girl, an aspiring singer-songwriter who survived a difficult childhood to become the biggest selling female music artist of all time." The writer of the show, Nina Coleman, has described the show as having a 1986 New York City setting. Coleman, along with being the writer, will be the show-runner and act as a co-executive producer to Ms. Carey. 

The prima donna has been in the spotlight since the early 90's when she broke through to fame after she released her hit single "Vision of Love". Since then, Mariah has been in and out of the limelight; whether it was for giving birth to twins with rapper and producer Nick Cannon, or dodging criticisms when she slightly butchered her own "All I want for Christmas" a couple years ago. Many people on Twitter and Instagram argue that the pop star has had her time on the red carpet, and feel as though it's time for her to put up the red bottoms and retire, but that's nowhere in this diva's plans. She also came out with a docu-series not too long ago called Mariah's World, which followed the pop-star through her glamorous and elite lifestyle. However, despite her success on the stage and in the booth, her reality show only received a 44% on Rotten Tomatoes and an average 5/10 on most critic websites. But that's not enough to keep this blonde down and away from being the center of attention.

This new drama show, along with her many other achievements, will most likely be one to remember. Mariah has always been known to be quite the diva and everyone knows this whistle-toner gets what she wants. She works hard and refuses to settle for less, which are all the aspects of a great and successful producer. With that being said, this series is definitely going to be one for the books. The only difficulty the producers may have is casting a highly similar mini-Carey. It's going to be quite hard to compete with her whistle-tones and her  A5 belt, especially because this princess doesn't like to be compared to. *Hint, hint* Ariana Grande. 

~Kayla Steward
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