Migos’ Failed Attempt to Take Off, Rap Group Kicked Off Delta Flight

Delta can’t seem to dodge the spotlight as the airline is under attack for kicking off more customers. Migos were removed from Flight 1532 on Friday for what the trio is saying, no good reason. According to their manager, who initially reported the incident, the ‘Bad and Boujee’ rappers were in First Class on the way to their show in Des Moines, Iowa when group member, Takeoff, was confronted by a flight attendant for not placing his carry-on luggage in the overhead storage bin. The rapper said that he did not do so because he was asleep. However, the captain of the flight showed no remorse. He circled back to the gate and forced Takeoff off the plane for failure to follow instructions. The other members, though confused by the conflict, followed Takeoff off the plane.

Quavo, another group member, expressed to security the amount of uncalled for aggression used on them by the flight attendant. The group’s manager even accused the flight crew of racially profiling the rap group and threatened to sue the airline. In a statement however, Delta denied all claims of racially motivated behavior. Instead, they responded by saying that the group was removed because they repeatedly refused to buckle their seatbelts and put away their carry-on items.

Looks like Delta didn’t want any trouble with Migos though, as they quickly resolved the issue. Shortly after the video posted by their manager went viral, the trio gave fans an update. The airline provided Migos with an alternate flight the same evening. Maybe the hassle was worth it. What better way to say, “We’re sorry” than with a private plane?

~ Timia Whitsey
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