Nevada: "We're running out of weed!"

You know when the country is in a deep, humorous existence when a state calls for an emergency over a marijuana shortage. And many of you might think, "well aren't there more important matters to attend to?" True. Oh so very true. However, that is completely in the back of the minds of the residents of the state of Nevada. That's right; state officials of Nevada affirmed a state of emergency after the selling of recreational marijuana in local stores had decreased due to their shortage. According to officials, their supply is rapidly diminishing after the drug was sold legally less than two weeks ago.

The sales of recreational marijuana have exceeded the expectations of Nevadian officials based off of how close many dispensaries are to being left with empty Ziplock bags and Mason jars. Officials have explained that the NTC (Nevada Tax Commission) will be holding a meeting Thursday in order to decide whether or not the state has too many wholesale marijuana distributors. Within this meeting, they plan on adopting emergency regulations. If only we were as enveloped to calling for a state of emergency when Flint, Michigan's water was contaminated as we are in losing all of our pot. But it might be because everyone saw that emergency as a reason to get high and smoke all their stress away, rather than take action. It's hard to fix an issue when you can't even manage to put a pack of Oreos down for a minute and can only see things through psychedelic state of mind. But what makes this ordeal so interesting is how fast they're trying to fix this "issue". According to Deonne Contine, the Taxation Department's executive director, changes that prevent both marijuana customers from supporting new businesses and shops, and from backtracking to the black market, are highly necessary.

"Unless the issue with distributor licensing is resolved quickly, the inability to deliver product to the retails stores will result in many of these employees losing their jobs and will cause this nascent industry to grind to a halt," Contine noted. Well, this may not be the biggest problem/solution case people were hoping for, what with the increasing unemployment rate and famine in our country. But it is safe to say, at least Bob Marley and Snoop Dogg would be very proud. Bob is probably smiling down from Heaven right now telling us "that every little thing is gonna be alright".

~Kayla Steward
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Ryan said...

Lol... this doesn't exactly sound like that big of an emergency. It's not like people are going to riot in the streets if they can't buy weed or something.

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