Shark Week Sham

Michael Phelps is taking some heat after the former competitive swimmer was called out by viewers who felt cheated for his fishy Shark Week "race" against a great white. Discovery Channel admits that the shark was indeed computer-generated. That's right! You can thank technology for the almost believable video. Scientists calculated the speed of a great white and used the data to create the shark sham. Footage of the simulation was placed over Phelps' 100 meter swim to create the disappointing television moment, but fans didn't fall for the faux.

Phelps however, has no shame in his game and has clapped back at unimpressed critics. He claims that he made it clear that he would not be swimming next to a shark on numerous occasions, but people chose not to listen.

"It's pretty easy to open your ears and listen to what...I'm saying in interviews. If someone actually wants to get in the ocean and race side-by-side with a great white, go ahead" he said.

As if finding out the race was a hoax wasn't enough, Phelps let fans down again! The gold was no match for the white in this rivalry, as he lost to the shark by 2 seconds. Positively, a performance enhancement might have given him the fair chance he needed against a creature that literally lives and breathes swim. Don't blame Phelps for the phony race, though. A great white, simulated or real, is just too much to handle, even for the most decorated Olympian of all time.

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~ Timia Whitsey

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