She Found What in Her Body???

How would you feel if you were to go in for your normal check-up at the doctor's office, but leave with the knowledge that you are being watched from the inside? Literally? Well this was the story for one unlucky patient. LaCrystal Lockett, of Stone Mountain ,Georgia, is suing Emory University Hospital after she received news at a follow-up from her surgery that she still had a camera inside her. Lockett went in for an organ transplant at the hospital six months before the discovery, and it was, in her mind, successful. However, Lockett filed a lawsuit at the DeKalb County State Court against the doctors, claiming negligence of those who performed the kidney and pancreas procedure on the woman.

Lockett went in for surgery back in December of 2014, and did not discover the device until roughly around June 2015, prompting her to have another procedure just to remove the photographic equipment. According to the Atlantic Journal-Constitution, the doctor who executed the operation was Dr. Paul Lu Tso, along with assistants Denise J. Lo and Ronald Parsons.

Lockett's lawyers said, "Unbeknownst to Ms. Lockett at the time this medical instrument was left inside Ms Lockett even after she was discharged from Emory University Hospital on December 26, 2014."

The Atlantic Journal- Constitution continued to quote on the following suit, explaining that " As a result of the defendants' negligence, plaintiff LacCystal Lockett suffered undue hardship through additional surgical procedures and has incurred medical expenses as well as significant pain and suffering, future pain and suffering, and lost wages." The hospital has yet to comment on the ordeal.
Lockett has had her fair share of hospital visits. From strokes, to being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, she still manages to come out with a smile. When asked about Lockett, her friend, Shannon Carol, said "Her name is LaCrystal Lockett, despite fighting for her life, she has one of the best spirits I have ever come in contact with."

"Her positivity and optimistic outlook on life is infections," Carol said.

In Lockett's case, it is one thing to constantly be in and out of hospitals for years, due to many previous medical complications, but another to suffer at the hands of those you in-trusted with your well-being. Although, in each of her ordeals, she has come out a surviver and a fighter. And based on how well she fights, let's just hope, for the hospital's sake, they don't have anymore missing cameras.

-Kayla Steward

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