The final seasons of Game of Thrones is upon us

The great war is brewing in the Seven Kingdoms and winter is finally here. This also means that the “Game of Thrones” series is coming to the end of the road. The show returns for Season 7 to HBO on July 16th and the final season will be following at a later announced date.
David Benioff and D.B. Weiss  are the masterminds that run the show and have given us some major gems about the shows upcoming final seasons during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. They confirmed that they’re currently writing Season 8 and are finishing up soon. Benioff says that the final installment of the show is “nearly completed,” but Weiss didn't seem to agree on that statement completely. “I wouldn’t go that far,” he said. “It’s exciting but there’s always pressure. You don’t ever want to drop the ball”. Benioff and Weiss addressed rumors saying that the show would be back for the final season in 2018. But said that it may be an even longer wait than that. The air date for Season 7 is also up for debate apparently so just stay ready for any last minute changes.
One thing we do know is that both these seasons will be shorter than normal. Season 7 is reportedly to only have seven episodes and Season 8 is only gonna have six. The show has a history of having ten episodes per season. But know that the show will be full of action and drama. There will be surprise reunions, even more bloodshed, and a definite power shift. Fan theories about the show are popping up more and more as the air date comes closer. With all this action and anticipation coming in the final seasons you better be ready, because winter is upon us.

-Andrew Wilborn

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