The Guidos and Guidettes Are Back!

It's time to blow out your hair, lace up the sneakers, and pump your fists in the air, because the guidos and guidettes are back! That's right, after six successful seasons from 2009-2012, the Jersey Shore cast are coming back for a reunion season. However, instead of the big reunion being shown on MTV's channel, it will be on the E! network channel. According to THR, the show will be named Reunion Road Trip and will follow the stars along a road trip that includes visiting places that they used to within their show. It's going to be quite different now that they are much older and a few of them have families. The show will be more of a docu-series form of reality, following the cast as they relive some of their memories, fights, and significantly unbelievable moments of their time at the Shore House.

Mike "The Situation"  Torentino confirmed on Entertainment Tonight that "there definitely is a reunion-style situation coming." Along with Torentino, the show will feature Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Jennifer "Jwoww" Farley, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola, Vinny Guadagnino, Deena Cortes, and DJ Pauly D. However, reporters are still unsure whether or not Ronnie Ortiz-Margo will be returning with the old crew. Despite Snooki's recent Instagram posts with Ortiz-Margo around the time reunion rumors were speculating, we may just have to wait to see if he plans on taking a cab on down to Jersey.

It's nice to see the "meatballs" and "juiceheads" are back together despite the many ups and downs the Jersey family had on the show. From Sammi's well known "Rahhnnn stahhhppppp", to Pauly's and Vinny's many one-night stands with night-club "grenades"; it is going to be quite a riot to see how much the cast has changed over the past half decade. We are still unaware when this reunion series will debut, but it's clear that the most memorable reality show will have several fans on the edge of their seats waiting to see what's to come. After Snooki and Jwoww's spin-off show "Snooki and Jwoww", many viewers thought that this would be the last time we saw any of the Italian lovers, but it looks like we don't have to say good-bye just yet! We are in for a Jersey whirl-wind of a good time. Let's just hope Snooki and Deena don't drunkenly pass out into any bushes, and Ronnie and Sammi spare us their infamous love-battles.

~Kayla Steward
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