The Juice Is Loose!

Just nine years into his excessive thirty-three-year sentencing, former NFL running back, OJ Simpson has been granted parole and could be released from prison as early as October. The 70-year-old has been serving time in the slammer for an armed robbery and kidnapping incident in Las Vegas back in 2007. To the Juice Man’s luck, the Nevada Board of Parole commissioner seemed convinced that he has learned his lesson, as it only took them under 30 minutes to come to a consensus. The final verdict overwhelmed OJ with relief. He told the press, “I’ve done my time.”

Simpson used his parole hearing as an opportunity to clear his reputation one last time. 1994 was the pivotal point in the NFL star’s career. He was accused and acquitted for the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman in the “trial of the century.” However, regardless of the murder and robbery charges, Simpson still says that he is not the monster many paint him to be. 

“I’m not a guy who lived a criminal life, I’m a pretty straight shooter. Nobody has ever accused me of pulling a weapon on them” he supposed.

Bruce Fromong, a victim in the armed robbery event, endorsed OJ’s comment, admitting on Good Morning America that Simpson was not the person who put a gun to his head. Instead, he encouraged others to drop their weapons. Fromong added that Simpson’s sentence was not about the robbery, “They wanted the guy that got away with murder in 1994” he proposed.

Bruce and the court may have forgiven OJ for his fumbles, but it appears that the rest of the world may need one more season to turn over a new leaf with the Juice Man. Simpson was placed in protective custody shortly after his hearing and is hoping to head to Florida among his release.

~ Timia Whitsey
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