The Power is in Your Hands

We've all had our reservations about getting chips implanted in our bodies because well, it's creepy. Chips are meant to eat, not implant! Come on, have you seen I, Robot, The Belko Experiment, or RoboCop? These movies warned us that when technology and humans become one, things crash and burn. But, one fearless U.S. company is spearheading the microchip trend by offering its employees first dibs.

Wisconsin's Three Square Market company presented its workers with the option of getting a microchip as small as a grain of rice implanted between their thumb and index finger. Don't worry, its intentions are harmless. Plainly, it's to make life in the workplace easier. The chip will allow workers to swipe into the building and even purchase food from the cafeteria with just the wave of a hand.

Some, like professor of information technology and public policy, Alessandro Acquisti, were not sold on the idea, saying that the chip is an invasion of privacy and could potentially be used to track workers without their consent. Despite the skepticism, 50 out of 80 employees so far have hopped on the motherboard with no doubt that microchips are the future of technology.

~ Timia Whitsey
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