HBO Targeted by Hackers: No Show is Safe

HBO revealed to its audience Monday that hackers tapped into the cable network's computers and abused the work connected to "Ballers", "Room 104," and "Game of Thrones". According to Entertainment Weekly, those who were behind the tampering have already begun the process of leaking scripts and "spoilers" to the shows so many were waiting anxiously to see. Apparently the computer jocks are not quite finished with their barbaric endeavor, and plan to release more than just the shows above.

Entertainment Weekly announced that unaired episodes of "Ballers" and "Room 104" have been leaked, as well as other infomation that isn't known quite yet. They do, however, know that at least 1.5 terabytes of data has been released into the world, available for many randoms to tap into. If only Dwayne Johnson can manage to handle this offense play towards his show, or maybe the Duplass brothers can take a leave from their room to solve a mystery bigger than what lies behind door 104.

It's chilling to realize that people can so easily weave themselves through your personal and most private information. HBO now has to worry about tampered emails, leaked employee personal information, and might have to stick to writing new scripts and story-lines on paper until this whole cyber-scare is taken care of. HBO's chairman, Richard Piepler, explained in an email to the network's employees that the invasion was "disruptive, unsettling, and disturbing." It is unclear what the hackers have specifically taken and what was left alone, but it doesn't seem as though the employee's from the company are going to want to stay around to find out. If only these hackers were good at finding out if the government is withholding information about extra-terrestrials and other secret, yet important affairs as they are in leaking information about the mythical lands of Westeros. 

~Kayla Steward
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