New Lawsuit Against Usher: 'He Never Warned Me'

U got it, u got it bad. And boy does Usher have it bad. According to reports, Usher is facing another lawsuit claiming that Usher never mentioned an STD before having sexual contact with two woman, and a man. This scandal has been swirling the "yeah man" for several weeks now, and it seems as though new information comes out each week. According to celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom explains that she will file the suit Monday in California. Bloom also plans to hold a conference within NYC in order to discuss the filing. Two of the accusers remain anonymous while one, Quantasia Sharpton, has come publicly with her take on the whole ordeal.

Sharpton explained how she attended one of Big Ush's concerts on the eve of her 19th birthday where he randomly picked her out of the crowd. He then received her number and later visited her hotel where they engaged in sexual intercourse, all the while she not knowing of his genital disease. Sharpton tested negative for herpes, but explains that she still feels violated. 

"I feel that my rights were violated," said Sharpton. "I'm speaking out today on behalf of myself and others, some of whom are positive and embarrassed to speak out publicly. I am doing this so he does not do this to anyone else."

Despite Mr. Entertainment's success outside of the bedroom, we don't think he'll be able to shuffle step and twirl his way out of this one. Maybe it's time for a Confessions Part 3?

~ Kayla Steward
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