Not Backing Down!

Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance against NFL owners for collusion.
Going out with a fight. Colin Kaepernick is taking the NFL to court as he has filed a collusion complaint against NFL owners. 

Collin Kapernick, might be one of the most controversial names in sports today, he is not giving up in his pursuit of justice and well, a job. Kaepernick has filed a suit that he believes will prove that NFL owners are teaming up to make sure he is not signed. 

Given the nickname of "The Father of the National Anthem Protest,” Kaepernick has chosen Defense Attorney Mark Geragos to represent him. Geragos is known for representing many high-profile clients including Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, and Scott Peterson.

The NFL does not play when it comes to colluding against players and if Kaepernick can prove even so much as a text message between owners agreeing not to sign him then the league is in a heap of trouble. Lets see how this story unfolds!
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