Say It Loud, I'm Blackish and I'm Proud!

ABC Network’s sitcom, Blackish, impacted the world in its fourth season opener, on Tuesday, October 3, 2017. The episode focused on the misconceptions of slavery and payed homage to ‘Hamilton’ and ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ in its musical approach.

The episode, entitled Juneteenth, infused music and historic facts to inform viewers about the important points in American History. The episode included original song selections performed by the cast members who exposed the many truths of this country. In one of the acts, the cast performed a song that included the quote:

“We raised their children
Then raised their buildings
Then they made billions
I’m catching feelings
Really, what else did we build?
Railroads, Wall Street, the White House and universities
UVA — we built that
Chapel Hill — we built that”

Next, there was a song played by the Roots, I Am A Slave, that was incorporated into the episode, that could be seen as informative and risky. (Click the link to song:

Blackish is no stranger to approaching controversial topics head-on and they did not hold anything back in this episode. Creator of Blackish, Kenya Barris expressed to the world, “that they will either love it or hate it”. Barris then went on to say, this episode is one of his “proudest moments as a television producer”. His comments went viral and swept through various social media platforms, as fans from all different avenues praised the show and its historical accuracy.

Blackish is not scared to push boundaries and speak on misconceptions that are targeted toward African-Americans. This sitcom reflects the society we live in and challenges stereotypes that most people are uncomfortable to speak about it. 

ABC Network’s, Blackish, is helping people stay woke, one episode at a time and we are here for it!

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