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Will Smith called out to all the ‘Will Smith’s’ of the world for a “Secret Project” Tuesday.

The prominent actor and Hitch star Will Smith is currently promoting his upcoming Netflix movie Bright, which means he will be going on a global press tour soon. Between the interviews, late-night appearances, and other promotion efforts Smith called on the other Will Smiths of the world to give him a hand.

“It’s too much stuff. It’s interviews; it’s long days. So, I came up with an idea. I can’t do it by myself. I need ya’ll to help me out. All Will Smith’s, please stand up!” the actor shared through a video on Netflix’s Twitter account.

Do not fear, this is not a hoax, Netflix is actively responding to people named Will Smith, William Smith, Guillermo Smith, and other variations of Will Smith who replied to their Twitter Video. There is an estimated 258 people named Will Smith in the United States, not even taking into consideration people who share the name abroad.

Netflix is continuing to be secretive about the details of the project and when a William Smith asked, “Are we building a Will Smith Army?, Netflix replied “Maybe.”

It’s looking like a few of us here at the media brew may have to get a quick name change and join this army because the future's looking Bright if your name is Will Smith.

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