How You Doing?!

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams talk show seemed to be going well until the talk show host fainted on live TV, Tuesday morning.

The "Queen of Petty" was dressed in a Statue of Liberty halloween costume when the incident occured which made it even more worth watching. The costume is actually what led to her faint because it caused her to overheat. Looks like being pretty really does hurt.

Link to Wendy Williams Faint

The stunt left her Twitter followers and viewers stunned as they tried to figure out what went on. Especially because after the incident the show rushed to a sudden commercial break. After he commercial break Williams was back in action, and still in her darn costume.

The rest of the show went on as planned and even included a joke, from Williams, about the incident where she said “Is that the end of the show? Was I passed out that long?”

We are happy to see that Williams is fine, however this episode, titled ‘How you booin’?!’ will definitely be one for the record books.
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