Diddy pushing the envolope

In recent NFL news, everyone has been wanting in on ownership to the NFL experience. Diddy established the idea of bringing forth a black owner to a NFL team. Diddy utilized social media platforms to market this idea of having black owners that Diddy put into play in order to obtain ownership of the North Carolina Panthers.  As of Monday morning, Colin Kaepernick agreed with Curry via Twitter quoting "I want in!" With recent twitter buzz, hip hop mogul Diddy has started a movement that has inspired many successful black entrepreneurs and athletes to push the envelope and discontinue the historical pattern of exclusive white ownership in sports teams.

Monday morning Diddy tweeted a video of a get together that projected pure black excellence. Although the video was posted to show a good time shared amongst friends and family, Diddy posted the video quoting, “It’s time for us to LEVEL UP. #BlackExcellence.” Diddy is ready and so are we. Diddy has established his activist mentality and he is ready to take on this beast with people of similar interests.

Time to LEVEL UP!


- Christian Parrish 

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