Time Magazine's Person of the Year

A couple days ago Donald Trump tweeted a thank you tweet to Time Magazine stating he knew he would become the 2017 Person of the year. Earlier, today Time Magazine announced their Person of the Year shortlist . The list included groups and organizations that all fight for something or someone. The list also included significant individuals such as Jeff Bezos who is the CEO of Amazon and, as of 2017, the richest man in the world. Another few individuals were Kim Jong Un, Robert Mueller, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Donald Trump who felt it in his spirit, and Patty Jenkins, who became the first female director to direct a film that skyrocketed $100 million in the first week of it being in the box office. Another nominee is Colin Kaepernick who has been in a battle with the NFL and the public in standing up for his people and the violence of police brutality. The last nominee was a new group of individuals that span to reach the entire United States.

The #MeToo Movement is a movement to shed light on the prevalence of sexual assault and to acknowledge the the numerous accounts of sexual harassment in the workplace. This movement took off after recent allegations made against Harvey Weinstein which then followed up with more than a dozen men being accused of the same thing. The Movement started less than 2 Months ago and already has taken over the United States. It is so powerful because the movement shows that women are being treated terribly behind closed doors.

- Christian Parrish
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