Can fans expect popular 90’s reboots?

Beloved fans of several popular 90’s sitcoms including Martin, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Sister,
Sister are demanding to see remakes of their favorite back-in-the-day shows in the near future.
While there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the possibility of rebooting these shows, nothing
has yet been confirmed by the television networks.

Even so, an animated sketch of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air characters has been circulating around
Instagram for the past couple of days. Unfortunately, fans will have to hold their breath on that one,
considering that Will Smith took to Instagram to say that it was a cool idea, but he had never thought
about the possibility before.

Martin Lawrence also decided to shoot down rumors of a possible reunion for the hit show, Martin.
He’s claiming that the show has run its course and that they have done all they can possibly do.
On the bright side, there’s still hope for devoted Sister, Sister fans who are patiently waiting for a
reunion of the hit 90’s show.

~Amber Smith

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