China Bans Hip Hop Culture

Talk about complete control. No longer will you find boomboxes and sneakers in the streets of China.

In an effort to stop “low taste” content, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) of the People's Republic of China has announced that television programs and the media will no longer feature actors who “show hip hop culture” or have tattoos.

As if music is not a major outlet when it comes to freedom of expression, government officials have ruled that these particular forms of art are, “disrespectful and outside the code of conduct.” The restrictions are said to be in direct response to China's new reality television music series called, “Rap of China” that sparked the interest of among Chinese youth when it aired this past summer.   
The recent regulations have many individuals questioning whether or not the decision was racist especially because the popular hip hop trends originated from the African American community.

Time reports that several Chinese rappers have already found themselves censored under the ban. Officials say that PG One was forced to apologize for lyrics that critics said were “insulting to women” and “promoted the use of recreational drugs.”

At this rate with China’s strict culture, there will be no new trends starting anytime soon.
-Raichele Privette
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